Cannabis Collection – Book Series

Rising Owl Studios is proud to present our first series of books:

The Cannabis Collection, written and illustrated

by Deanna J. Edmonds

This series explores the world of cannabis from various perspectives and in a variety of ways.  First up is a journal where you can track and review the strains you have tried.  The second in the series is a basic beginner’s guide from a mother of two who never thought she would try marijuana. Later books in the series will be a coloring book, fun facts, and a look at the changing role of cannabis in our culture.


My Cannabis Collection:  Strain Review Journal

by Deanna J. Edmonds


With so many cannabis strains, many with similar names, it is hard to remember which is which. Was last weekend’s bud a sativa, and indica or a hybrid? What brand was it? Where did I buy it?

This journal will allow you to easily record all of the key details about each strain, and the effects you enjoyed, or did not enjoy, about each.

* Easy-to-use format for creating consistent reviews.

Prompts on each review page help you remember details you might otherwise forget.

Interesting and motivational quotations about cannabis and life in general.

At-a-glance index will help you recall which strains you found best for fun, relaxation, focus, creativity, pain-relief – or anything else you choose to track.

This review journal is not only practical, but also a fun way to see the extent of your “cannabis collection.”



I’ve Never Smoked Pot! A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

by D. J. Edmonds

Get some light-hearted guidance as a woman who never thought she would smoke pot shares her journey and offers advice for newbies just like her. This is a fun and practical guide for those of us just venturing out into the brave new world of weed.

Perfect for people wanting to visit a pot shop but would like to know what to expect, or for those who haven’t smoked in 30 years and want to know what has changed.



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