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Here you will find links to the books we are proud and excited to have published.


I’ve Never Smoked Pot! A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

by D. J. Edmonds








Get some light-hearted guidance as a woman who never thought she would smoke pot shares her journey and offers advice for newbies just like her. This is a fun and practical guide for those of us just venturing out into the brave new world of weed.

Perfect for people wanting to visit a pot shop but would like to know what to expect, or for those who haven’t smoked in 30 years and want to know what has changed.

For more about The Cannabis Collection series, click here.


My Cannabis Collection:  Strain Review Journal

by Deanna J. Edmonds

With so many cannabis strains, many with similar names, it is hard to remember which is which. Was last weekend’s bud a sativa, and indica or a hybrid? What brand was it? Where did I buy it?

This journal will allow you to easily record all of the key details about each strain, and the effects you enjoyed, or did not enjoy, about each.

* Easy-to-use format for creating consistent reviews.

* Prompts on each review page help you remember details you might otherwise forget.

* Interesting and motivational quotations about cannabis and life in general.

* At-a-glance index will help you recall which strains you found best for fun, relaxation, focus, creativity, pain-relief – or anything else you choose to track.

This review journal is not only practical, but also a fun way to see the extent of your “cannabis collection.”

For more about The Cannabis Collection series, click here.


Law School Insights: An Insider’s Guide for Non-Traditional Students

by Dakota Duncan, J.D.


“Who knew that a book of advice about juggling law school, a career, and a family could be a page-turner?  But Dakota Duncan’s Law School Insights: An Insider’s Guide for Non-Traditional Students is just that. The writing is clear as a bell, and the advice and insights ring true as well.  She takes readers all the way through the process, from deciding whether to go to law school to surviving the bar exam, offering practical tips with the personal touch of one who has been there and done that.  Although this guide is geared toward the particular challenges of navigating law school while also working and raising a family, it is packed with good advice for anyone who wants to emerge from law school with your life and sanity intact.  Read this book!”
– Janet E. Neuman, Senior Counsel, Tonkon Torp LLP and Retired Professor of Law, Lewis and Clark Law School
Law School Insights is poignant and true.  It’s a treasure of insight and wisdom for the exhausting and exhilarating experience of going to law school while caring for a family and working.  The straightforward fluidity of Ms. Duncan’s writing makes for an enjoyable and enlightening read.  Every person with family responsibilities thinking about law school or currently attending law school needs this book.”
– Rachele R. Selvig, Attorney , Wife, and Mother  – Cauble & Cauble, Attorneys at Law

We were thrilled when Law School Insights made it to the #1 spot on the Amazon Best Seller list!

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